Make your own Stress Balls

Wednesday, August 10, 2016
Every new school year I spend money on stress balls to give to students. This year I attempted to be creative and try to make my own. I found this awesome idea on: Somewhat Simple Blog.I decided to use star wars themed balloons because I thought the kids would really like it and also they were at the Dollar Tree for $1 (love that place). The steps are simple:
1. Roll Play-doh into very thin pieces, the thinner the better, and keep them short.
2. Hold balloon open, much easier if someone helps you with this part.
3. Drop thin pieces of rolled play-doh into balloon. 
4. Jiggle balloon around till the piece is out of the balloon entry way.
5. Squish playdoh to be at the bottom of balloon and flat. (Be very careful not to get any playdoh stuck in the entryway of the balloon, it will make it impossible to put any more in there). 
6. Once you have enough playdoh in there, tie the balloon closed.
And there you go, your own squishy stress ball for your students or for you (especially since its back to school time). 


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